Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Banana-Vanilla Rum

One of our fans sent us this recipe... Thanks Brian for sharing!

Hi Patty! I love your site…

Just thought I’d share my Banana/Vanilla Rum Recipe with you…

This makes a great rum to serve over ice, as a shot or to use in recipes (like rum cake! Yummmm!)



1 1.75L bottle good dark rum (I use Mt. Gay)

1 extra (empty) 1.75L bottle

5 cups water

1 cup white sugar

2 Mexican Vanilla beans, split and cut in half

2 ripe bananas, halved and split, the long way, in quarters (so they will fit in the bottles)


Heat, sugar & split/halved vanilla beans in the water, stirring constantly, just until all the sugar is dissolved.

I heat it til it just reaches a light simmer.

Allow mixture to cool.

Split the rum equally between the two 1.75L bottles.

Split the Vanilla/Sugar mixture equally and add to the bottles.

(make sure you add the vanilla beans and any seeds to the rum bottles!)

Add one of the prepared bananas to each bottle.

And now the hard part… wait two weeks (at least), turning each bottle once a day (gently)!

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