Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fancy Food Show 2009

The Fancy Food Show was a great success. The picture above is of our booth at the show. It was so nice to see many of our customers and also meeting many wonderful potential customers. We have some great projects going on at the moment, in addition to our new flavorings we are also working on a new gift box for our pure vanilla extracts that is the perfect gift for anyone at anytime during the year. We will keep you posted on the progress and hopefully they will be finished soon. This week is going to be very busy with all of our new contacts from the Fancy Food Show and we love it. We want to thank all you that had a chance to come to the Show and see our booth and get to meet some of our team members including Patty and Eric Elsberry. They love getting to know their customer and getting others excited about vanilla.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Our New Fantastic Flavorings

At Arizona Vanilla Company we are now pleased to announce that we are offering exciting new flavorings we have several flavors including Almond, Peppermint, Orange and Lemon that all smell so fabulous and fresh. Below are listed all of our Totonac Flavoring Extract. For more information check out our website at

Totonac Flavoring Extracts
* denotes all natural flavorings

Lemon Flavor Extract*
Banana Flavor Extract
Orange Flavor Extract*
Root Beer Flavor Extract*
Almond Flavor Extract*
Lemon-Lime Flavor Extract*
Raspberry Flavor Extract*
Coffee Flavor Extract*
Cinnamon Flavor Extract*
Coconut Flavor Extract
Blackberry Flavor Extract*
Rose Flavor Extract*
Anise Flavor Extract*
Cranberry Flavor Extract
Hazelnut Flavor Extract*
Black Walnut Flavor Extract*
Maple Flavor Extract*
Key Lime Flavor Extract*
Rum Flavor Extract*
Pomegranate Flavor Extract
Peppermint Flavor Extract*
Butterscotch Flavor Extract
Strawberry Flavor Extract*
Caramel Flavor Extract
Apple Flavor Extract
Pistachio Flavor Extract
Blueberry Flavor Extract
Amaretto Flavor Extract
Cherry Flavor Extract*
Rum Cream Flavor Extract
Lavender Flavor Extract*
Crème De Café Flavor Extract
Lime Flavor Extract*
Butter Vanilla Flavor Extract
Macadamia Nut Flavor Extract
Butter Flavor Extract*
Mango Flavor Extract*
Clear Raspberry Flavor Extract
Peach Flavor Extract
Clear Strawberry Flavor Extract
Pineapple Flavor Extract
Spearmint Flavor Extract*
Doublemint Flavor Extract*

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Preparing for the Fancy Foods Show

This month we are preparing to go to the Fancy Foods Show in San Francisco from January 18-20 as exhibitors. We are extremely excited to be there and if you are in the area we would love for you to come and check out our exhibit. The Fancy Food Show is produced by the NASFT since 1955, the Fancy Food Shows are North America's largest specialty food and beverage marketplace. The Fancy Food Show is a great time, a fantastic marketplace of the very best specialty foods and beverages.