Saturday, January 9, 2010

Make your own 2X extract at home!

The FDA states that vanilla extract should be made with 13.2 oz vanilla beans and 1 gallon of solvent for one fold or 1X. The end product should be a 35% alcohol-base solution. This is the minimum requirement. If you want a stronger extract, you double the amount of vanilla beans to the same amount of solvent as it was for 1X. This is the procedure we follow to produce our extract, through cold percolation. However, you can do your own 2X at home! How? Very simple...evaporation! Take your 8 oz or your 32 oz bottle of extract and simmer it until it is reduced by half and what do you have? Viola...2X extract! Now you can enjoy double the flavor from the comfort of your home without having to pay extra for it!

A little recommendation...don't let it burn PLEEEEEASE!!

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