Monday, February 9, 2009

Vanilla Rocks! Basic Vanilla Oil with Patty Elsberry

Learn how to make a basic vanilla oil, that can be used in so many recipe and vanilla adds extra flavor that makes any dish delicous.

All you need to create this Vanilla Oil is:

1-2 Cups of Your Favorite Cooking Oil

1 Vanilla Bean

Cutting Board


Frying Pan

Funnel or a liquid measuring cup


You can find this recipe and many more in Simply Vanilla Cookbook, It is a wonderful cookbook that teaches you about vanilla and how you can use it everyday in many dishes.

Here is just one review of this cookbook:

"Yummy! I''ll never look at Vanilla the same way again! This book offers quite the tutorial on the spice that I knew very little about. I'm amazed at how many everyday foods can be jazzed up by the use of this ingredient. From breakfast to dinner, Vanilla can play an amazing role in making a meal very memorable. I especially enjoyed the chapter on how to use and store vanilla beans. What I thought would be hard to do, is actually very easy. Well written with easy to follow recipes. Try the French Toast with Orange Vanilla Butter. It is absolutely outstanding!" - Mary

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