Friday, December 5, 2008

Moving on up.... the east side.... okay so this isn't an episode of the Jefferson's, but we are moving up these days at Arizona Vanilla Company, we've moved production to a warehouse...I know we're a big deal. Patty and Eric have been busy sprusing the place up and it is really coming together, we are especailly excited about setting up a shop area in the office at the warehouse, things are really coming together. When it's all complete I will post pictures. Come check out our new warehouse at 3343 N. Reseda, Suite 26 Mesa, Arizona 85215, here is a link to a map for our warehouse

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B. Surfer said...

You're map didn't work right on my computer.. all i got was the continental united states. bummer. But i do like that the address is RESEDA. Reminds me of the Socal days... Reseda. ahhh.