Monday, December 8, 2008

A Gift Anyone would love

With the Holidays just around the corner we are all trying to think of nice affordable gifts for family and friends, this year I am going to give my friends and family gourmet vanilla extract from Arizona Vanilla, of course, and I am all about cute wrapping I found some cute Christmas organza bags all you have to do is slip in and tie it into a cute bow, attach a ornament and you have a super cute, nice gift. Visit our website at Arizona Vanilla


B. Surfer said...

Do you put Vanilla Beans or powdered vanilla in the bag? OOR do you put small extract bottles?
Perplexed reader

Sovereign Family said...

Love it! Great idea!

Chad and Kathryne Reed said...

Super cute!! Where did you find the organza bags? Oh.. and I'm trying to order stuff off the website and it won't let me put any jar candles into my shopping cart!! :-(

Arizona Vanilla said...

Sad day about the website I will let Eric know. I got the bags at Michaels, they were $1.25.

Perplexed Reader,

I used a 4 oz. Vanilla Extract, but you could do paste, extract, or ground vanilla.

Thank you for all of your comments and questions!!!!


Chad and Kathryne Reed said...

I called Eric and took care of the candle dilemma.. thanks for the tip on the organza bags!! :-)